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While many Australian businesses have embraced digital technologies in their strategies, agencies in the government have been struggling to implement their own strategies. 

However, future outlooks may brighten if state governments can continue to develop new initiatives to better handle innovations in technology. 

Deloitte report highlights key barriers to adoption

According to Deloitte's Journey to Government's Digital Transformation survey, many organisations in the public sector still face barriers to fully utilising technology. 

84 per cent of agencies find it challenging to manage their talent internally.

The most common obstacles that organisations face are a lack of access to funds and an insufficient overall strategy. The latter point may be mitigatedthrough specialised recruitment services, especially considering that 84 per cent of agencies find it challenging to manage their talent internally. 

On the whole, 80 per cent of organisations believe that they are falling behind the private sector. Only 27 per cent felt confident in their ability to respond to trends, and 70 per cent of firms felt they had the skills needed to execute a digital strategy. 

Governments takes steps in acquiring technology 

While the report showed many areas for the private sector to improve, various bodies are taking action to become more acquainted with technology. 

The NSW Government recently announced that it will adopt cloud services from Microsoft, as part of a $2 billion technology investment. Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet explained that the new collaborative services will allow for less time wasted in department silos and better information sharing. 

"Taking advantage of new technology is integral to the NSW Government's commitment to delivering the best possible service to the people of NSW," he said.