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Bayside Group has been a trusted partner to employers and job seekers since 1976. With discipline and industry recruitment expertise, we deliver award-winning employment and workforce management solutions in our areas of specialisation.

In 2021, we consolidated our specialist recruitment brands, Bayside Personnel, Austra Health, Bayside Group Automotive, Techstaff and Bridge Consulting, under the Bayside Personnel banner to create a stronger base from which to support our clients and candidates.

With industry knowledge, networks and recruitment expertise, we’re able to identify the challenges and key areas of growth for clients, while placing job seekers in roles relevant to their skills and experience. Visit our website to learn more.

Over the past few years, technology has vastly increased our ability to seek out information. Questions that would have gone unanswered in the past can now be resolved in a matter of minutes.

However, can these innovations be applied effectivity to the recruitment process and help us build better career connections? 

Crystal to revolutionise professional communication 

With the aim of helping to foster better business relationships, a new app has been developed which offers the latest way to gather insight. 

Crystal allows professionals to upload a profile and complete a survey regarding aspects of their business life. The app then uses algorithms and analysis to determine key character traits, preferred methods of communication and even how to make a personal connection with the individual.

Crystal can help tailor your communications for maximum effect.
Crystal can help tailor your communications for maximum effect.

So far, Crystal has received high praise for its accuracy and ability to improve communication.

"If there was an award for the app that has the biggest positive impact on my work, it would go to Crystal," said Richard Banfield, CEO of Fresh Tilled Soil, as quoted on the official website.

While the app has a strong focus on building professional relationships within the workplace, there is a potential value for use as a job seeking tool. Adjusting your style of communication, both in writing and in your speech, can improve your chances of success. Businesses want to bring on candidates who are a good cultural fit and the tone of your interactions is a powerful indicator of this. 

Utilising your LinkedIn profile

While cutting-edge innovations are important for candidates to consider, established platforms are still as relevant as ever and useful for building connections, as well as finding detailed information about prospective companies and their employees. 

According to a recent Sensis survey, 28 per cent of Australians have a profile on LinkedIn, which continues to gain a significant reputation as the leading professional networking site.

Some of Australia's most influential CEOs hold a lot of influence on LinkedIn, including Andrew Penn (CEO of Telstra), Naomi Simson (Founding Director of RedBalloon) and Richard Webb (CEO and Founder of Start Mesh). This is especially important for those looking for IT employment, considering the high number of influential people in the technology sector that have a substantial LinkedIn profile. 

Keeping abreast of technology is fast becoming a critical requirement for successful job searching tactics. No matter what measures a candidate uses, they need to think carefully about how to best present themselves and what insights they can gain through these popular and upcoming technological platforms.