Blacktown fire station to welcome Technical Rescue Vehicle for large animal rescues

Picture: Fire and Rescue NSW
Picture: Fire and Rescue NSW

Blacktown fire station is becoming one of the state’s leaders for large animal rescues.

The Richmond Road station will be home to one of just two Technical Rescue Vehicles in Sydney, as Fire and Rescue NSW introduces new training scenarios for its firefighters.

Large Animal Rescue Operations training will focus on safely removing animals including horses and cows from dangerous situations.

Blacktown's newest truck. Picture: Fire and Rescue NSW

Blacktown's newest truck. Picture: Fire and Rescue NSW

The intensive two-day course is running at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre.

“There is a high risk of serious injury involved with animal rescue incidents and it’s crucial firefighters receive training so they can assist the animal while still protecting their own safety,” Animal Rescue Program Officer Greg Rood said.

Firefighter Dan Murphy said the training would cover scenarios that his colleagues faced on a frequent basis.

“Whether it’s a horse down in a barn, an animal that has slipped in a wash bay or a cow stuck in mud at the edge of a dam – this training will ensure firefighters can apply highly complex technical animal rescue skills,” he said.

Blacktown’s position closer to the city’s urban fringe made it a logical choice for the new vehicle.

Sydney’s other TRV will be located at Liverpool.

The vehicles can be deployed across the greater Sydney region at any time.

As fire season approaches, Fire and Rescue NSW have put the warning out to residents living in rural areas to consider a survival plan for their animals.