West Sydney Force and Minto FC go three from three in Series Futsal NSW competition

It’s close at the top of the Series Futsal NSW competition with three teams still undefeated. A postponed match will throw ratios off for a week but the ladder is still wide open after three games.

Series Futsal NSW – Round 3

Willowdale Diablos 4-5 Western Sydney Warriors

The Western Sydney Warriors scored its first win of the season with a win over the Willowdale Diablos.

The 5-4 result has tightened up the competition even more with three teams now on three points.

Vic Koutsoufis started the match for the Warriors to go up 1-0 early before taking a 3-1 lead into the break.

The Warriors went on with the result but Ibrahim Kerem and Naim Rahimi ensured the match stayed tight.

Next week, the Diablos face the undefeated Western Sydney Force, while the Warriors clash with Sydney Scorpions.

  • Willowdale Diablos 4 (Miladinovic 2, Savetta, O.G.) defeated by Western Sydney Warriors 5 (Yeates, Mawein, I.Kerem, Rahimi, Koutsoufis).

Camden FC 1-11 Minto FC

The South West Derby was mainly a fizzer with the undefeated Minto FC asserting their dominance with an 11-1 win over the still to win Camden FC.

A Dean Lockhart was the straw to break the Camden defence but it was a close game at half-time.

The second half was all Minto with eight goals as Danny Martinez and Lockhart each claimed hat-tricks, while Harry Bagot and Shaun Irwin each scored braces.

Next week Camden aim to get in the winners list against Bondi Maccabi at 7.35pm, while Minto FC and the Indigenous Allstars prepare for a unbeaten top of the table clash at 8.20pm.

  • Camden FC 1 (O.G – Bagot) defeated by Minto FC 11 (Lockhart 3, Martinez 3, Irwin 2, Bagot 2, Filipovic).

Sydney Scorpions 3-4 West Sydney Force

The Sydney Scorpions may only have one win this season but they are definitely a team to watch after pushing the undefeated West Sydney Force all the way in a 4-3 match.

In a battle of two of the best players in the league, Greg Giovenali and Andy Luttringer would leave nothing on the court in their private battle.

Giovenali struck first and gave the Scorpions an early lead but the Force showed why they’re undefeated, running out 4-3 winners in a tough match.

Next week, the Scorpions face Western Sydney Warriors at 9.05pm while Western Sydney Force clash with Willowdale Diablos at 6.50pm.

  • Sydney Scorpions 3 (G Giovenali, Foti, W. Giovenali) defeated by Western Sydney Force 4 (Duarte, Ward, Dib, Wilkson).

Table after round 3 (GP, W-L-D, Pts Diff.) 

  1. West Sydney Force – (3GP, 3-0-0, +17) 9 pts
  2. Minto FC – (3GP, 3-0-0, +13) 9 pts
  3. Indigenous Allstars – (2GP, 2-0-0, +10) 6 pts
  4. Willowdale Diablos – (3GP, 1-2-0, +3) 3 pts
  5. Sydney Scorpions – (3GP, 1-2-0, -1) 3 pts
  6. Western Sydney Warriors – (3GP, 1-2-0, -4) 3 pts
  7. Bondi Maccabi –  (2GP, 0-2-0, -7) 0 pts
  8. Camden FC – (3GP, 0-3-0, -31) 0 pts

Golden Boot after round 3

  1. Shervin Adeli (Indigenous Allstars) – 7 goals
  2. Daniel Fogarty (Indigenous Allstars) – 6 goals
  3. Anthony Tomelic (Willowdale Diablos) – 5 goals
  4. Danny Martinez (Minto FC) – 5 goals
  5. Andy Luttringer (West Sydney Force) – 4 goals

MVP Points after round 3

  1. Danny Martinez (Minto FC) – 6 points
  2. Daniel Fogarty (Indigenous Allstars) – 5 points
  3. Mitchell Ward (West Sydney Force) – 4 points
  4. Anthony Haddad (Minto FC) – 4 points
  5. Shervin Adeli (Indigenous Allstars) – 3 points

Team of the Week (Round 3)

State League Round 3


  • Rydalmere City FC 2–6 Sydney Persian Knights
  • Emerton FC 1–4 West Sydney Persian Knights
  • West City FC 7–1 North Sydney FC
  • Bella Vista Lions 5-13 Waitara Dragons   


  1. Sydney Persian Knights – (3GP, 3-0-0, +20) 9 pts
  2. Waitara Dragons – (3GP, 3-0-0, +16) 9 pts
  3. West City FC – (3GP, 2-1-0, +10) 6 pts
  4. West Sydney Persian Knights – (3GP, 2-1-0, -4) 6 pts
  5. North Sydney FC – (3GP, 1-2-0, -8) 3 pts
  6. Emerton FC –  (3GP, 1-2-0, -9) 3 pts
  7. Rydalmere City FC – (3GP, 0-3-0, -7) 0 pts
  8. Bella Vista Lions – (3GP, 0-3-0, -18) 0 pts

Team of the Week

Next week (Round 4) – Wednesday, September 27

Series Futsal NSW

  • 6.50pm – Willowdale Diablos Vs West Sydney Force
  • 7.35pm – Bondi Maccabi Vs Camden FC
  • 8.20pm – Minto FC Vs Indigenous Allstars
  • 9.05pm – Sydney Scorpions Vs Western Sydney Warriors

State League

  • 6.50pm – Sydney Persian Knights Vs Bella Vista Lions
  • 7.35pm – Waitara Dragons Vs Emerton FC
  • 8.20pm – North Sydney FC Vs Rydalmere City FC
  • 9.05pm – Western Sydney Persian Knights Vs West City FC
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