Show respect for those police who died in the line of duty

The National Police Memorial at Canberra has more than 700 names on it.
The National Police Memorial at Canberra has more than 700 names on it.

THE National Police Memorial in Canberra sadly has a special plaque to a Hawkesbury police officer, and so National Police Remembrance Day on September 29 has a particular meaning for our Hawkesbury police.

The plaque in the memorial wall is for the late Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson, who was killed in the line of duty protecting the local community at Oakville in 2012. 

Chief Inspector Garry Sims of Hawkesbury Local Area Command invited community members to wear or display something blue on National Police Remembrance Day as a sign of support for our Hawkesbury police and for Det. Insp. Anderson. 

“I am sure that our crews would recognise and appreciate seeing lots of blue being shown on Police Remembrance Day as they go about their daily duties serving the people of the Hawkesbury,” he said.

“Police officers killed in the line of duty are remembered each year on the 29th of September in Police Remembrance Day ceremonies.

“It is a significant day for all police, past and serving. It is a day where we reflect on the ultimate cost that policing can incur and we will always remember those who have been lost in the line of duty.”

Officers in each Australian State and Territory along with New Zealand and South Pacific nations take time out to remember their fallen colleagues on this day, which is the feast day of St Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of policing, Chief Insp. Sims said.

In Sydney, the ceremony is held at the Wall of Remembrance in the Domain in they city. The 9am service is open to the public who wish to show their support and respect for those who keep them safe.

Canberra hosts a large ceremony at the National Police Memorial at Kings Park where police from around Australia and the South Pacific gather together in what is a very moving occasion.

Police from Hawkesbury Local Area Command attended the service in the Domain.