Meet Labor North Ward candidates

The Labor ticket for The Hills Council’s North Ward consists of Immanuel Selvaraj, Susan Lee and Chris Worthington.

The team’s main platform is to be the voice of all residents by being accessible at all times.    

“We have met many residents of Beaumont Hills and Rouse Hill,” Mr Selvaraj said.

“Multiple Developments around the North Kellyville, Box Hill and Rouse Hill area are causing significant pressure on the smooth flow of traffic.

“Parking is becoming a major concern. Roads like Brampton Drive do not have a sufficient pedestrian crossing.

“There are safety concerns with recently constructed roads  around current developments in the Rouse Hill area.

“Unfortunately current Liberal councillors for the North Ward do not seem to be responding quickly to resident concerns.

“This is one of our main priorities.”

Let us face it – an active councillor is one who is kept on their toes to ensure re-election. With Liberals taking all three seats in the North Ward at the 2012 elections a complacency  has set in.

“Residents in the North Ward have been taken for granted by the Liberal Councillors – considering their stronghold in the Hills and this is not working well for the residents.  “ He further added.

Evidence of this was seen when Liberal candidates for the North Ward did not even turn up for the  draw for the ballot paper on August 9.

Residents report that they have not seen any of their Liberal councillors in the area for many months.

In this election we are asking residents to vote to ensure they have councillors who are actively responsive to their needs  – one way to implement this is to ensure checks and balances by electing multiple party candidates - said Immanuel Selvaraj.

Preserving a lifestyle that is unique to the Hills is another priority.

To our team this means:

  • Ensuring parts of The Hills remain semi rural,
  • Preserving bushland through appropriate safety and flood mitigation measures, and
  • Ensuring sufficient parks and sporting grounds are part of development proposals.

We are seeking feedback from residents and reviewing possible upgrades to the Turkey Nest Reserve which serves the residents of Beaumont Hills and Rouse Hill.

LABOR: North Ward candidates Immanuel Selvaraj, Susan Lee and Chris Worthington.

LABOR: North Ward candidates Immanuel Selvaraj, Susan Lee and Chris Worthington.

Immanuel Selvaraj 

Immanuel lives with his family in The Hills area and attends church in Parramatta.

After completing his MBA and MIS in Queensland, Immanuel worked across the APAC with various digital companies for more than 20 years.

He currently operates an educational software business which pays particular attention to kids with learning difficulties.

Immanuel is also the secretary of the Merrylands Chamber of Commerce which operates as the default Cumberland chamber and actively advocates for improving government services for small businesses. 

He wants to be accessible to all residents and be their voice in council, ensuring policies reflect the majority consensus of the community.

Susan Lee

Susan Lee has a PhD in communications and teaches at an Australian university. Susan is active with Amnesty International.

She is especially passionate about helping migrants integrate into mainstream Australia.

Ms Lee is equally passionate about issues relating to women especially helping victims of domestic violence through the creation of shelters and offering one to one personal advice.

Chris Worthington

Chris was a councillor in the Parramatta Council for more than 28 years and an educator and principal for more than 38 years.

Chris chaired the traffic committee for Parramatta Council for nine years and is especially interested in conducting frequent audits to ensure smooth flow of traffic, and ensure sufficient and increasing pedestrian walkways and cycleways leading to transport hubs.

Chris is also passionate about introducing remedial programs for kids with learning difficulties.

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