Seven Hills man arrested for stalking, assaulting former co-worker

Police say a man “infatuated” with a former co-worker tattooed her face and name on his body and sent her daily text messages.

The man, 24, from Seven Hills was arrested on Friday after he allegedly twice assaulted the woman the week before.

He was fired from his job last month, where he worked with the woman, 23.

On July 31, he stopped the Doonside woman driving home from work by standing in the middle of the road.

He then got into her car and assaulted her.

The victim ran from the scene in search of help, but the man had taken her mobile phone.

When she demanded her phone back, she was assaulted a second time. 

She escaped serious injury in both attacks.

The incident was reported to Blacktown police who began an investigation.

Police said the man continued to contact the woman up to “60 times per day”, before a tip off led to his arrest at a local shopping centre on August 4.

He was charged with two counts of assault and two counts of stalking.

The man was refused bail to appear at Blacktown Local Court on Monday.