True Bod Adult Gymnastics launches at Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre, Rooty Hill

True Bod coach Travis Edwards had his own gymnastics career cut short by a knee injury. Picture: Isabella Lettini
True Bod coach Travis Edwards had his own gymnastics career cut short by a knee injury. Picture: Isabella Lettini

Gymnastics is often seen as a sport for younger, more nimble bodies but a new course at Rooty Hill could put a different spin on things.

Trainer Travis Edwards says True Bod Adult Gymnastics – a program run out of Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre – will change the sport’s perception.

If you’ve ever wanted to nail a front-flip or just become more flexible, Mr Edwards said True Bod might be the ticket.

“It’s one of those sports that once you pass a certain age you can’t do anything with it career wise,” he said.

“But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with it. True Bod is more about getting someone in with no experience and making them feel comfortable to try all the basic stuff.”

The program has six classes including stretching, foundations, handstands, conditioning, intro to gymnastics and open gym.

Mr Edwards, 25, started gymnastics when he was three after his mother caught him jumping off the garage roof.

“She thought she should find something that would allow me to do that safely,” he said.

“I’ve been doing gymnastics since I could walk, so being able to help people either new to gymnastics or who may have stopped after school is fantastic.

“A lot of older people can feel shy about trying things around young people who can do things 10 times better than they can.”

First and foremost, the program is about getting people fit.

“The majority of people doing the classes are there to get healthy,” Mr Edwards said.

“Fitness is really in now but people want to have fun while they do it. It’s about keeping people excited and motivated.

“There is nothing like True Bod in western Sydney and it’s great to be part of bringing something I have loved for so long to the public.”

Mr Edwards said he believes no one should let their age dictate their lives.

“It’s just a number,” he said. “The only thing holding you back from doing something is yourself.”

True Bod is offering a seven-day free trial for new members. Details:


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