Disability worker sees the other side

Waking up in the driver’s seat of a car travelling at 100km/h on the M7 was the moment Stuart Kerr finally realised how serious his condition was.

The Kings Park resident was driving to work in west Ryde when he had a seizure at the wheel. He hit the crash barrier and scraped along it for 20 metres before regaining consciousness.

“When I came to, I was half way in the break down lane and half way in the other lane and had no idea what was going on,” Mr Kerr said.

“I felt like I was on a train ‘cause the car was still moving and I could feel all the vibrations. I thought, ‘Why am I on a train?’ Then I realised what had happened.”

Mr Kerr had his first seizure in September last year, when his wife Lina was eight months pregnant with their son Fraser. A few months later it happened three more times – including one incident where he collapsed in the bathroom and split his head on the door frame.

It was the crash on the freeway that sent him back to a doctor for the third time, desperate for answers.

Mr Kerr’s GP told him to stop driving, which meant he had to stop working, and recommended he see a neurologist.

The couple was looking at a wait of several months to see in-demand specialists.

They turned to the free online service SpecialistNow and were able to make an appointment within five days.

“Because of the seizures and the stress of everything happening to me, my brain just [didn’t] work – I [felt] like a space cadet,” Mr Kerr said. “I just needed someone to say, ‘hey, here’s what you need.’ I needed someone to take control.”

Mr Kerr was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy that can cause him to pass out when tired.

He said the first two months were a struggle as the medication made him angry and agitated for no reason. He has since changed to a different drug and is feeling back to normal.

Thankfully he hasn’t had a seizure since starting treatment, and he’s able to see the bright side of the ordeal.

“The best thing is my son was born last year so I got to spend heaps of time with him, which was awesome,” he said.

Since getting the all-clear from his doctor and specialist, he’s hoping the RTA will restore his licence so he can return to work. If he can’t drive then the search continues for a job closer to home.

Mr Kerr said in his time of need, SpecialistNow helped remove a lot of the stress in making an appointment to find answers. Find out more about the free service at specialistnow.com.au.


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