Greater Blacktown Business say Blacktown left out of federal budget

The 2016 budget delivered by Scott Morrison was rated as “neutral” by the Great Blacktown Business Chamber.

The vice president of the chamber Alex Soncini said while it brought a lot to western Sydney, particularly in terms of infrastructure, he said its benefits were cursory and its results weren’t meaningful enough.

He added it was “inoffensive” but ultimately ineffective.

“The average Blacktown punter will feel they have been hard done by, or it doesn’t benefit them,” Mr Soncini said.

“It doesn’t really do much and unless the real issues [such as excess spending or deficit] are addressed.

“Nothing is going to really be achieved until then.”

Mr Soncini said the budget is offering a lot to western Sydney as a whole, but felt the Blacktown had “missed the boat” again.

He pointed to the announcements of the rail link and light rail for Badgerys Creek and Parramatta, as only being cursory benefits to the city.

Vice president of the Great Blacktown Business Chamber, Alex Soncini

Vice president of the Great Blacktown Business Chamber, Alex Soncini

“What we’re getting are benefits of more jobs as stimulus from those projects – it’s all very indirect,” Mr Soncini said.

“There’s too much of a focus on Parramatta or the south-west, it’s not coming to where your low income earners are.

“That’s the Blacktown to Penrith corridor.”

The vice president did admit there were positives in the budget, particularly for small business in the region.

“Tax cuts for small business is a good thing,” he said.

Most businesses want to be successful and that extra money can be used to reinvest in their business.

“I do think they should have been bigger and brought in earlier, but now is the time to get local businesses to be part of this infrastructure boom.

“Blacktown has a very big manufacturing base and services. They can be supported and be part of this construction.

“It’s up to council and chamber to make sure these local businesses are the first to be considered.”