Facebook site for world peace

WORLD peace and humanity will get a boost when more than 4000 people tie a knot around their finger during September as a reminder the world needs more love.

Brought to life by a group of 20- to 30-year-old western Sydney residents, the project is to create awareness of global problems such as war, poverty and persecution.

Organiser Samira Nicholas said without action the future doesn't look bright.

"We have the power to stand together and stop widespread devastation by tying a bond between us all through a knot on the finger," Ms Nicholas said.

"The issues will only continue to grow and flourish if we don't take a stand for the world we wish to live in.

"We need to take a powerful and collective stand for freedom, peace and love across all humanity regardless of race, religion or culture."

To help create an ongoing global message, each person is urged to post and tag their photo on Facebook and Instagram with the #FMK #ForgetMeKnot hashtag.