Student leaders: Crestwood Public School

This week’s student leaders are from Crestwood Public School. Motto: Onwards and Upwards. Read their Q&A: 

1.What is unique about your school?

Danial Yazdani: We have different clubs and activities like band, dancing and sports carnivals. We use a lot of technology for education use like iPads, surface and computers.

Rochelle Prior: The teachers give up their own time to do extra activities that make us students happy such as school dance/spectacular, choir, sport training, band/band camp.

Damon Kench: It encourages students to use technology and keep up to date with new devices. We have surfaces, iPads, TVs, smartboards and a high tech computer lab all students can learn on. Also Crestwood has lots of extra activities that you can join depending on your interests. We have a band program, choir, dance groups, knockout sport teams, PSSA, debating and multicultural speaking competitions.

Emily Hoare: There's a variety of opportunities for everyone no matter what you are interested in. I've been involved in many activities at Crestwood including sport/dance/debating etc.

2.What do you want to do when you leave school?

Danial Yazdani: Become a successful actor or singer. Maybe a teacher.

Rochelle Prior:  I want to have a career that involves sport e.g PE teacher, coach or sport physio.

Damon Kench: I would like to do something with information technology such as game development, but I'm open to other options.

Emily Hoare: I would like to become a professional dancer or netballer because that's what I enjoy doing at school and after school.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Danial Yazdani: You set an example for children, reresent your school at special events and you become a better student.

Rochelle Prior: Because we have many responsibilities like set good examples to other students, help our school by doing jobs, think f new ways to help our school and run assemblies.

Damon Kench: Because you're setting an example for all children in the school and it's good for children to have someone to look up to.

Emily Hoare: You are a role model for others and you have an opportunity to encourage and help them. You have to set a good example to others by being a kind, friendly and responsible person because you've been chosen to represent your school.

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Danial Yazdani: I would make school shorter. I would have better lessons on gardening and history and would like to have animals at our school.

Rochelle Prior: I would introduce year 6 and year 5 to play across at Crestwood Reserve. Everyone would have an iPad or computer to work on as well as a swimming pool to cool us down in summer.

Damon Kench: I would introduce that once a week soda bubblers turn on so when a child goes to get a drink they would have a variety of soft drinks and water.

Emily Hoare: I would like to introduce a huge sporting complex connected to the school with a dance studio and stadium.

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