Student leaders: Parklea Public School

This week's student leaders are from Parklea Public School.
This week's student leaders are from Parklea Public School.

This week we chat with the student leaders from Parklea Public School. The school's motto is : "Culture Labour Service."

1. What is unique about your school?

Courtney Hemmings, C: We are very lucky at Parklea Public to have a school mascot, Parky the pelican, who encourages safe respectful learners.

Courtney Hemmings.

Courtney Hemmings.

Jaiden Kucharski, VC: Parklea Public School has a friendly, caring and supportive atmosphere.

Mason Brightmoore, C: The thing that is unique about my school is that everyone fits in.

Shivani Raman, VC: Our school has a big heart. Not only do we make sure students are happy but whenever the leaders or students make a decision, we make sure everyone likes it by going to our class and making a vote.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Courtney Hemmings, C: I hope to go to university to become a PE / sports teacher.

Jaiden Kucharski, VC: Become a professional soccer player.

Jaiden Kucharski.

Jaiden Kucharski.

Mason Brightmoore, C: At the moment I want to go to university and study to become a scientist.

Shivani Raman, VC: I really want to be a geologist. In the library we learn about different things and when we learnt about animals and plants I was fascinated.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Courtney Hemmings, C: To be responsible to help teachers and the principal.

As a school captain it is important that I lead by example by following the school rules.

Jaiden Kucharski, VC: It is a great opportunity and not everybody gets to be one. I get to help others.

Mason Brightmoore, C: Being a leader is important because we show others how to do things and we get the opportunity to have different responsibilities.

Mason Brightmoore.

Mason Brightmoore.

Shivani Raman, VC: Being a school leader is important.

We don't just include everybody and make them happy, but we also help set up assembly, events and thank visitors that come.

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Courtney Hemmings, C: Introduce theme days [such as]­ Meatball Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Thick shake Thursday and Friday Fun day (no school work).

Jaiden Kucharski, VC: I would get more sport equipment and draw up more handball squares.

Mason Brightmoore, C: I would introduce a day where everyone gets a lunch of their choice for free.

I would make a learning curriculum where everyone does all of their work on a computer.

Shivani Raman, VC: I would introduce a rides day! A day when the scariest and funnest rides, including laser tag and a gigantic slide, come to the school.

Shivani Raman.

Shivani Raman.


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