Police to investigate how a bus got stuck in Galston Gorge

Police and Roads and Maritime inspectors are investigating how a bus carrying school children became stuck in Galston Gorge yesterday.

About 10am Tuesday officers were called to the gorge after a bus became stuck negotiating a bend, about one kilometre into the area.

The bus had passed signs warning it of long vehicles being prohibited, before having difficulties, and risked fines of $2145, which carry six demerit points.

Officers organised the transport of 50 school children back to their school and set up traffic diversions. Police then assisted RMS heavy vehicle inspectors and tow truck operators in dragging the bus to a point where it could be safely reversed out of the gorge.

No one was injured.

This was not the first time police and the RMS have had to respond to an incident in Galston Gorge, said acting assistant commissioner Bob Ryan, from the traffic and highway patrol command.

"Each time the gorge is shut creates difficulties for local residents who are travelling to or from work or school, or those going about their daily routine," he said.

"These events also divert police resources away from other road safety operations."

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