GALLERY: NRL Legend serves it up to the 'Destroyers'

Former Parramatta Eels captain and NRL legend visited the Quakers Hills Destroyers to teach the young players about eating healthy. 

The Finish with the Right Stuff program is part of the NSW Government’s comprehensive five year Healthy Eating Active Living Strategy – aimed at reducing overweight and obesity and improving the general health and well-being of the NSW population. 

Nathan Hindmarsh knows first-hand that champions don’t run on junk.

“As an athlete I was given the best advice on how to keep my body healthy through diet and training,” he said.

“The Finish with the Right Stuff program helps our local sporting communities to educate their players, coaches and parents to make the right food and drink choices for kids when they’re in the sporting environment.

“As a dad of three very active young boys I know it is never too early to start developing healthy habits with children, whatever the level of sport or activity they are involved in.”

Dr Jo Mitchell, NSW Health’s Centre for Population Health Director said good habits are likely to continue through life when set up early. 

“Healthy habits start early. Children need the right fuel to stay healthy and perform their best. After the game is over, all their hard work can be undone by eating unhealthy food and drinking soft drinks."