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On Friday, $1300 worth of goods was stolen from a car in 10 minutes while it was parked on a Kellyville street.

Between 5.20am and 5.30am, cash, sunglasses, bottles of cologne, CDs and pharmaceutical items were taken from a Ford Focus sedan, while it was parked on Spring Road.

The driver said when he returned to the vehicle, he found the car doors unlocked and his property missing.

Police are investigating.

Any details to: The Hills detectives, 9680 5399 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Four vehicles were involved in a crash on Windsor Road, Northmead on Friday, about 1.50pm.

Police said one motorist had stopped her car on Windsor Road, waiting to turn right into Whitehaven Road, causing another vehicle to also stop behind her.

Police said  a third car, driven by an elderly man, failed to stop in time.

 He tried to avoid an accident by swerving his car into the adjoining lane, colliding with a garbage truck and bouncing off that vehicle and striking the other two cars.

Police are investigating a theft which occurred in the Woolworths car park of the Rouse Hill Town Centre on Tuesday last week.

Between 3.30pm and 11.15pm, someone smashed the rear window of a Toyota Corolla sedan and stole a GPS, an iPod and a charger, worth about $400. Police said there was no security video.

A police spokesman said the thefts showed why you shouldn’t leave valuables inside parked vehicles.

Any information to The Hills detectives, 9680 5399 or Crime Stoppers.

On Saturday a car in Castle Hill was broken into and goods and money stolen.

The vehicle, a Toyota Aurion sedan, was parked outside the Castle Hill Indoor Sports Centre in Anella Avenue.

Police said the robbery took place between 2.30pm and 4pm.

The thief or thieves smashed the front passenger window, searched the glove box and console and took an iPad, headphones and $180 in cash.

Information to Hills detectives, 9680 5399.

Police say there had been too many cases recently of motorists colliding with parked cars and driving away from the scene without leaving contact details.

‘‘If you’re a driver and you hit a parked car with your car, and that driver is not in their car, you must stop at the scene and leave the following details for the owner of the other car,’’ a police spokesman said.

‘‘You must provide your name and address as the driver, the vehicle registration number and any other information necessary to identify the vehicle.

‘‘At a bare minimum, write the required details down on paper and leave under the windscreen wiper.’’

He said any motorist who failed to leave their details risked a parking infringement or being charged.

Details: Hills police, 9680 5399.

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