Student leaders: Our Lady of the Rosary Kellyville

Ethan Bragg, Grace Dean-Haag, Lachlan White and Laila Mansell. Pciture: Natalie Roberts
Ethan Bragg, Grace Dean-Haag, Lachlan White and Laila Mansell. Pciture: Natalie Roberts

This week’s student leaders are from Our Lady of the Rosary in Kellyville, whose motto is Pray and Work Together. Read their Q&A: 

1. What is unique about your school?

Laila Mansell, VC: The opportunity to enjoy learning. Everyday I see smiles everywhere, filling this school with happiness. The teachers are enthusiastic and draw your attention into learning so much. Sport here helps you learn how to play different sports and understand the concept of sport. 

Grace Dean-Haag, C: There are a lot of opportunities to help others in and outside of school. This school encourages you to achieve your best in all subjects and lets you shine in your individual physical activities. The playgrounds are kept tidy and are full of joy and happiness. Students in this school care and look out for others. 

Lachlan White, C: It gives every student a chance to shine in every topic. Our school takes part in many fundraising activities such as the 'Vinnies winter sleep out' and 'David's house'. The playgrounds have many activities such as chalk boards, handball squares and many more. 

Ethan Bragg, VC: There is a lot of Christian faith in our school. Our students look for the face of Jesus in each other and think about doing random acts of kindness. We participate in fundraiser activities such as the Shoe Box appeal, David House and Caritas. 

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Laila Mansell, VC: I would like to do my best in everything and study acting and achieve different goals. Keep on trying no matter what stands in my way. The teachers have helped me so much in guiding me to achieve more. I would one day like to be an actor. 

Grace Dean-Haag, C: When I leave this school and start my journey at high school I would like to do my best in everything. I would like to work hard and achieve my personal best. The teachers at this school have inspired me to become a teacher. I would like to be a gentle and caring teacher just as they were. 

Lachlan White, C: I would like to go to university to study the many things to become a vet. I would like to become a vet because I like animals and taking care of them

Ethan Bragg, VC: I would like to get a contract to play for Barclays Premier League Arsenal and to represent my country Australia.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Laila Mansell, VC: Many people think its all fun and games, but its more than that its a lot of responsibility. Being an example to others, respect the school and its rules, representing the school, displaying a good behavior and attitude toward others and always being positive to others. 

Grace Dean-Haag, C: It is important because the school leaders have to set an example and show a positive attitude towards others. We have to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. All the leaders have to demonstrate good and fair behavior. 

Lachlan White, C: I think it is important to be a school leader because you get many opportunities to experience working with teachers. Being a school leader is also important to me because I get to work in a group of people that I may not have worked with before. I am able to represent other students in the school and show leadership by my own actions. 

Ethan Bragg, VC: I think its important because us school leaders and also other year 6 students can show the way to other students and being able to show the face of God. I also get to work in a lovely group of students that helps other children around the school when they are feeling lonely or sad. 4. If you were the principal what would you introduce? 

Laila Mansell, VC: I would get kids to start early with learning a new language because you learn a new language in high school, so I want kids to start at an early age and be ahead with their language. The next thing I would introduce is drama because there's a lot of talent in this school and drama would help people to be the character and speak clearly, to shine and help you with your confidence and to express your inner self. 

Grace Dean-Haag, C: I would introduce more music and drama work. I believe that drama expresses your emotions and teaches you to be more confident when speaking to a large crowd. These skills are very important because it helps you not be afraid when public speaking. 

Lachlan White, C: I would introduce some soccer goals to play with on the playground because many of the children s balls are going over the fence but there would be specific rules to go with the goals. 

Ethan Bragg, VC: I think we should have a different learning program such as learning different languages. I would also put two soccer goals in the top playground because children's balls are going over the fence.

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