School Leaders: Hambledon Public School

School Leaders: Hambledon Public School

Motto: Learning for Life

1. What is unique about your school?

Jack Allen, captain: Our school is unique because of how good our technology is, zero tolerance to bullying and how our teachers help and support us in everything like camps, carnivals, concerts, choir, debating, excursions, etc.

Sadaf Azimi, captain: I think this school is unique to other schools beccause we have a gardening club on to support the environment.

Lindsay Bath, vice captain: The attitude to learning is fantastic and we have a great library for learning.

Nadine Coronel, vice captain: The atmosphere is lovely, the teachers, the students and the people.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Jack: I want to be a geologist when I leave school because I like to dig/excavate the earth and also an engineer because I like to design cars and learn about engines.

Sadaf: I am at school for knowledge especially about science and maths to become a doctor to help.

Lindsay When I leave school I would like to enter either physics, chemistry or software design.

Nadine: After I leave school I hope to go to a sucessful university and take a course in a medical field like nursing.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Jack: I think being a school leader is important because you get to represent the school at lots of events and activities, go to leadership courses and be a role model to younger students.

Sadaf: I think being a school leader is important because you will have so much leadership in you towards your life. You have also learnt about leadership which will help your leadership get bigger and stronger.

Lindsay: Because you get the opportunity to make decisions and represent the other students in the school.

Nadine: I think being a school leader is very important because we have duties that need to be fulfilled and to set an example for the lower years.

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Jack: If I were the principal, I would introduce ice-cream coming out of the bubblers. At all of the concerts, the teachers would HAVE to perform for the children, but every second week. The teachers would get a day off, to be "child-free" and to just chill.

Sadaf: If I was the principal I would introduce new garden facilities.

Lindsay I would introduce more play ground equipment as we only have basketball and soccer balls to play with at recess and lunch.

Nadine: I would introduce more hands on activities and more engaging classes.


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