Keep doors locked and valuables safe

The recent theft of $2500 worth of golf clubs from a parked vehicle in Carlingford has prompted police to warn people against leaving valuables in their cars.

The clubs were stolen from a 4WD in Pennant Parade on Monday evening.

Police said a handbag was also taken from a parked car in Rosa Crescent, Castle Hill the same evening.

‘‘Don’t leave valuables visible in cars,’’ a spokesman for The Hills police said.

He also advised people to make sure their vehicles were securely locked and preferably parked within view of their homes.

Where homes were concerned, police said people should take similar precautions.

On Monday, a break-and-enter took place in Grandoaks Place, Castle Hill through an unlocked window.

Police said although the window had been closed, it was not locked.

The thief, or thieves, got away with a jar of coins.

‘‘Ensure your windows are also locked,’’ The Hills police spokesman said.

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