Baby's unexpected arrival

A baby girl born in a Kellyville Ridge car park in March was one of 160 babies born unexpectedly in strange places in NSW this year.

The girl was born in a medical centre car park on March 28.

Other babies arrived in the world at service stations, in parks or on the sides of roads.

NSW Ambulance said while such an event might alarm the mother and others suddenly called on to help, a triple zero (000) call should right matters.

‘‘Each year our call-takers play a direct role in the safe delivery of hundreds of babies who catch their mothers unawares,’’ NSW Ambulance control division director Jamie Vernon said.

He said they are highly skilled in guiding women through labour until an ambulance arrives.

“Dialling triple zero and asking for an ambulance will ensure an ambulance is immediately dispatched,’’ Mr Vernon said.

‘‘In many cases, our call-takers have assisted people through to the baby’s delivery and are there at the other end of the line to celebrate the happy occasion.’’

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