Student leaders: Blacktown South Public School

This week’s student leaders are from Blacktown South Public School. 

Their motto is: Strive to Achieve. Read their Q&A at:

1. What is unique about your school?

Natalie Medimurac, C: Us being a multicultural school with no racism or discrimination, smiley students and kind teachers is what makes Blacktown South Public School so unique.

Rishay Ram, C: The thing unique about our school is that we are taught with different resources.

Ella Bridger, VC: We are a multicultural school and we play a big part in performing arts and sport.

Yadhavi Vasanthan, VC: When most students hear this question they would answer by saying we act like a huge family, which is true but I believe my school is unique because most students think that we have a school motto because that is what all schools have and then toss it aside and not think about it anymore but this school is unique because we all try to fulfill our motto "Strive to achieve".

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Natalie Medimurac, C: I want to go to university then probably try to get a job as a journalist or a TV/ Radio presenter.

Rishay Ram, C: When I leave school, I want to study aeronautical engineering or an automibile engineering and help young engineers with their job.

Ella Bridger, VC: A photographer and computer fixer.

Yadhavi Vasanthan, VC: I wish to become a professor of zoology.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Natalie Medimurac, C: I think it's important because the younger children look to the leaders as good role models and i enjoy helping the teachers if they need help.

Rishay Ram, C: School leaders are important because they lead by example and influence students to do the right thing.

Ella Bridger, VC: Being a school leader is important because you hold the big responsibilities. You are a role model to others and you have to be able to give up time for their things.

Yadhavi Vasanthan, VC: I think being a school leader is important because we need leaders to be role models to younger students. As time goes by they are replaced so the younger students become older students. If the current school leaders set an exaple the future leaders would be able to set an example - The way their school leaders did in the past.

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Natalie Medimurac, C: To have more equipment for sports and the classroom.

Rishay Ram, C: If I were a principal, I will have a swimming pool constructed to have swimming as an additional lesson offered to the students.

Ella Bridger, VC: I would get a swimming pool, an electric heat for the metal seats and a class for the naughty kids.

Yadhavi Vasanthan, VC: I would have slushie machines and free food from the canteen, have a day to bring your pets to school, have more fundraisers to fund the free food, a dog as the school pet as well as 'Lucy' the cat and have excursions once a fortnight.


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