School Leaders: Tara Anglican Girls School

This week’s student leaders are from Tara Anglican School for Girls, whose motto is ‘‘There Is no Better Place for Girls.’’ Read their Q&A: 

1. What is unique about your school?

Emily Richardson: At Tara, it is a very caring and welcoming community. I love walking through the corridors and saying 'hello' to everyone, because you are able to develop great relationships with many of the students, in all different grades. It's a place where you are comfortable to be yourself and strive to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Joanne Lim: My school has smaller grade sizes and class sizes than some other schools which I appreciate because it means that everyone in the grade knows each other. We are able to create a friendly, fun and supportie environment. Smaller class sizes also means we can develop a relationship with our teachers that makes us feel confidents and supported in our work.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Emily Richardson: I would like to study a Bachelor of Social Research and Policy combined with a Bachelor of Law at UNSW. I would love to go on an overseas exchange during my time at university.

Joanne Lim: When I leave school I want to help people in developing nations improve their standards of living by decreasing poverty, eradicating preventable diseases or establishing a democratic society. I'm still unsure whether doing medicine, which gives me a practical skill, or law, which would be helpful with reforms, is the best option.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Emily Richardson: It's crucial that we have strong leadership in schools because it is a time when students develop leadership skills that can be put into practice throughout the rest of their lives. Those who have had the opportunity to lead at school and develop their skills can continue to lead in the workplace, in the community and even on a national and international level.

Joanne Lim: Being a school leader is important because it gives me a chance to make a positive impact on the school and improve the environment for the students. Students are very important in a school community and we aim to represent, encourage and inspire them.

4. If you were the principal, what would you introduce?

Emily Richardson: I would make it compulsory for every student to be involved in a social justice project. There are a number of social justice initiatives at Tara that have a great positive impact on the local and global community, however if each student was committed to a project long-term, they could make a broader and more permanent positive impact. Joanne and I have implemented a connection with the Alice Betteridge School for Deaf and Blind Children that we hope continues for many years after we have graduated. We can see how edifying a relationship such as this can be for everyone involved.

Joanne Lim: I would introduce a program where senior school students would be able to teach/learn or play with junior school students, and TED events so that students can watch inspiring and eye-opening videos that might motivate them to achieve greatness and make an impact on society.

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