It’s ‘‘war on trees’’ in Mount Druitt

Mount Druitt resident Daniel Taylor wants to stop Blacktown Council’s ‘‘war on trees’’.

Today he woke up to the sound of chainsaws chopping down trees for a carpark expansion at a housing development in Marquesa Crescent, Mount Druitt.

So he stood in front of a tree that was still standing to impede its destruction for hours, taking a stand against the workers with council’s permission to go ahead.

Mr Taylor, a member of the Western Sydney Conservation Alliance, said he also had a job to go to.

‘‘Council is chopping trees all over the place and I need to try to save their lives,’’ the disability worker said.

‘‘Trees are living creatures.

‘‘It’s like standing in a elephant graveyard.’’

Mr Taylor said the 15-space carpark is rarely full, with only two or three cars occupancy daily.

‘‘The trees are on the edge of the carpark so removing them wouldn’t create more space.

‘‘There is no need to chop down healthy significant trees that add to the environment and the community for no reason at all.

‘‘Council is letting trees within three metres of a dwelling to be chopped down.

‘‘It’s a state of execution,’’ the 41-year-old said.

The trees near the housing development are ironbark, eucalyptus and paperbark.

Blacktown Council’s regulation (Councils Tree Preservation Order) states that all trees require approval to be pruned or cut down.

The Western Sydney Conservation Alliance is a not-for-profit volunteer group that seeks to protect the natural heritage in the region. Volunteers do so by opposing to inappropriate development, lobbying politicians, by implementing community education and through bush care initiatives.

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