VIDEO: Scoop Dogg's video goes viral

Hornsby Council has enlisted the help of Scoop Dogg, a rapping dog puppet, to help spread an important message about pet safety.
Hornsby Council has enlisted the help of Scoop Dogg, a rapping dog puppet, to help spread an important message about pet safety.

A rapping dog puppet voiced by politics and sport satirist Denis Carnahan is raising big laughs on YouTube.

Pulling Scoop Dogg's strings is the team at Hornsby Council, who also did the filming for Scoop's music video which tells of his misadventures when his owner left the gate open and he escaped.


Scoop Dogg!

"It's hilarious — I laugh every time I see it but it also has a very serious message," Hornsby mayor Steve Russell said.

Last year the council's officers captured 211 stray dogs. Of those, 171 were returned to their owners and 40 went to the council's pound, the Sydney Dog and Cats Home. "Sadly, many of those transferred would've needed to be put down," Cr Russell said.

Mr Carnahan wrote the music for this video and performed the song. The lyrics were written by the council's animal control officer, Phil Jebb, who said they reflected what he saw every day on the job — "dogs escaping when their owners leaves the gates open without thinking". "Stray dogs cause big safety issues, interfering with traffic and posing a potential threat to people, on top of the obvious distress that the lost pet and its owners feel," he said.

Work has begun on Scoop Dogg's next music video, Scoop That Poop.

1. Where did the name come from, and the idea for the character?

Scoop Dogg is my rapper name. My real name is Chip and I’ve been working with Hornsby Council for years helping animal control officer Phil Jebb educate children about the best way to care for their dogs. The rapper name is actually my second choice. I wanted to be Snoop Dogg, but then I found out somebody else had already taken that one.

2. Are you a lyricist normally and what inspired the lyrics?

I’d like to claim credit for the lyrics, but they were written by Phil Jebb. What I bring to the mix is my sex appeal and the indefinable star quality that has people all over the world rocking out to the tune. I don’t want to be one of those rappers who talks himself up too much, but my latest video is without a doubt the greatest meeting of art and public service since We Are The World.

3. Are there any plans for Scoop Dogg to visit council libraries, child care facilities, events, to spread his message?

Absolutely. I’ve been doing that for a long time and will keep at it. I love getting out there and meeting people.

4. Is there a Mrs Scoop Dogg?

No, though that might change now I’ve become a star and all the bitches are chasing me.

5. What is Scoop Dogg's favourite park in Hornsby shire to chase balls and frolic?

They’re all so good, particularly the dog-off-leash areas, that I couldn’t possibly pick one.

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