Kachan kids fire

THE Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance (KSTP) has firmly established itself as not only the best in NSW but in Australia after stunning results at the recent state championships.

Hosted by the at Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre at Rooty Hill, 11 athletes competed in both the national and international categories.

Damon Louwen, Blake Grainger, Ethan McGuinness, Hayley Usher and Shannon Usher all finished first in their respective events.

Other medals were won by Henry Clark and Jack Hemmings, who performed and landed a triple back somersault which is of the highest difficulty and has never been seen in an age competition in Australia.

Other members of the team included Alexa Collins, Breanah Cauchi, Emily Robertson-Hahn and Ellie Smith.

The results meant the KSTP won Tumbling Club Champions for the third year in a row.

Coach Dima Kachan said his team set its sights on not only winning medals but wooing the crowd.

"We did very well. We knew we were going to get the places because we're the only ones doing international routines in the state," he said.

"We decided to go with the bigger skills which Australia hasn't seen in a long time."

Despite a number of athletes qualifying for the national titles this year, only two -- Alexa Collins and Damon Louwen will be going—with Kachan preferring to keep the rest of his athletes in training as they prepare for the world titles in Denmark next year.

"We decided to bypass the Australian titles this year to spend more time in the gym to develop new skills," he said.