Be smart about your vision

Thompson and Larter
Thompson and Larter

THOMPSON Larter Smart Vision Optometry opened its doors in Pennant Hills in 1981.

Director Carole Macdonald said the business specialised in behavioural optometry and full-scope examinations for prescriptions and eye health in adults.

"Behavioural optometry is the science of addressing visual function deficits and visual information processing issues in children and adults above and beyond clarity of sight," she said.

"We also specialise in orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, a precision customised fitting procedure that uses overnight contact lenses for correcting short-sightedness without the need for surgery or use of spectacles."

Ms Macdonald said this unique technology had a major role in minimising the progression of short-sightedness and it tied in beautifully with behavioural optometry, as children with near-point visual function issues could progress quickly to become short-sighted.

"Our full-scope service is provided by fully qualified optometrists and optical dispensers," she said. "We are not bound by time limits and our optometrists perform the entire ancillary testing process such as digital retinal imaging, testing for glaucoma and macular degeneration.

"Being the leading cause of vision loss in the Western world today, macular degeneration can be treated effectively with nutrition, supplements and blue light-blocking lenses if detected early."

The team at Thompson Larter not only deliver a premium service but also offer a full range of spectacle frames and lenses fully claimable through private health funds via HICAPS.

"Our services are vast and will soon include an OCT (optical coherence tomography), the gold standard in clinical diagnostic equipment, exclusive in northwest Sydney, and an i.Profiler eye measurement device, which will allow us to prescribe bespoke glasses and lenses for superior visual clarity and improved night vision," Ms Macdonald said.

"Patients should make regular appointments with us for their vision assessment to minimise or prevent sight deterioration, increase their speed, accuracy and reading performance, as well as learn and function to their potential at school or work."

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