Annangrove pedestrians 'too few' to warrant traffic lights

Even with children-crossing flags and a teacher acting as a lollipop person in school zone times, drivers are coming dangerously close to kids and parents outside Annangrove Public School, the school's P&C president Kirsty Siedentopf said.

Yet no principal has been able to have a pedestrian crossing installed, which is what they want, or traffic lights.

"It's my sixth year here and I know previous principals have been battling this, too," principal Paddy Rich said.

"At the end of the school we have a crossing with two cement islands either side of the road, but we're finding it increasingly difficult to get kids across.

"One of the proposals they've [The Hills Council] been offering us is a wombat crossing.

Ms Siedentopf wants traffic lights outside the school that remain green, except during school zone times.

The council's February 17 traffic committee meeting minutes state: "The possible signalisation of the crossing is unlikely to be possible given the small number of pedestrians using the road".

"Annangrove Primary School currently has a flagged children’s crossing in place.

"Flagged children’s crossings carry greater regulatory standards as opposed to normal zebra pedestrian crossings.

"A flagged children’s crossing requires a driver to stop even if a pedestrian has not commenced their walk, where as a zebra crossing only requires a driver to stop if they would otherwise conflict with the pedestrian.

"Council will continue to monitor this issue and make appropriate adjustments if needed."

The Hills Council rangers have issued 39 infringement notices to motorists around Castle Hill High in just the past 12 months. 

In 2012-13, council’s compliance team issued 549 infringements notices to people doing the wrong thing in school zones.

Of those, 293 were for Disobey no stopping sign - School Zone.

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■ $304 + 2 demerit points: The penalty for disobeying a No Stopping sign in a school zone.

■ No Stopping: Means that under no circumstances are you permitted to stop on a length of road to which a No Stopping sign applies (Aus Road Rule - 167).

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