Long grass affecting motorists' visability

Motorists need to be aware of a 90 centimetre high traffic hazard along Erskine Park Road.

Residents can’t recall the last time Roads & Martime Services (RMS) contractors have come to mow the median strips along one of the area’s busiest roads.

They say the 90 centimetre high grass is endangering people’s lives and affecting motorists’ visibility.

One St Clair couple was so frustrated about the near misses that they mowed a small section near Coonawarra Drive today (April 8).

‘‘So many people were complaining they couldn’t turn around the corner safely,’’ Wendy Hammond told the Star.

‘‘I know it’s not Penrith Council’s jurisdiction but we are ratepayers. Our roads are supposed to be safe.’’

Readers on the St Marys-Mt Druitt Star Facebook page agree the road is a problem.

‘‘I thought this the other day, turning right onto Coonawarra Drive from Erskine Park Road, I could not see oncoming traffic at all due to the grass height and had to inch out slowly to see if any cars were coming,’’ Cherie Williams posted

‘‘Lucky there wasnt because by the time I got far enough out to see oncoming traffic I was already in the oncoming lane.’’

Sharon Gatt added

‘‘ If this is not fixed soon innocent lives may be taken and just before easter would be tragic. If this does occur I hope the RMS would feel shamless. How many more complaints do we need before this is fixed or a life is taken or people injured?’’

Concerns have also been raised about long grass at a Carlisle Avenue roundabout at Colyton.

‘‘The grass is long and visibility is poor,’’ Jodie Houeis posted.‘‘It is like this all the time and rarely gets mown.’’

Mrs Hammond has spent today trying to get answers from the authorities with mixed results.

She is yet to hear back from the RMS contractor but has been told by Penrith Council the grass will be mowed this afternoon.

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