Student leaders: Castle Hill Public School

William Bonnici, Paris Hilal, Max Shvartsman and Ashley Suh.
William Bonnici, Paris Hilal, Max Shvartsman and Ashley Suh.

This week we meet the school leaders of Castle Hill Public School whose motto is Ever Higher. Read their Q&A:  

Captain: Paris Hilal

Captain: Paris Hilal

Captain: Max Shvartsman.

Captain: Max Shvartsman.

Vice captain: Ashley Suh

Vice captain: Ashley Suh

Vice captain: William Bonnici

Vice captain: William Bonnici

1. What is unique about you school?

Max Shvartsman, C: Our technology learning centre is unique. In our technology room each students get a computer or can share an iPad.

Ashley Suh, VC: It's pretty multicultural and there are lots of opportunities here. 

William Bonnici, VC: The teachers and students are really nice people.

Paris Hilal, C: The commitment we have to assisting fundraisers. 

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Max Shvartsman, C: I'd like to go to university to study technology.

Ashley Suh, VC: I want to specialise in medicine. 

William Bonnici, VC: I want to go to university to get a teaching degree to be a PE teacher because I really like my sport. 

Paris Hilal, C: I'd love to become a professional athlete or train athletes to compete for Australia.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Max Shvartsman, C: It's important because you're a role model to all the other kids. 

Ashley Suh, VC:  Your setting an example for the whole school and you represent the school.

William Bonnici, VC: You get chosen to be a leader for a reason. To represent the school in a strong way. We learn independence. 

Paris Hilal, C: Being a school leader is important because you represent your school, its principal and the students. Leaders have the opportunity to represent their school and lead with integrity and pride.

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Max Shvartsman, C: A maths class where children can play games to help make maths more understandable. Have fun while learning.

Ashley Suh, VC: A mini zoo. 

William Bonnici, VC: Students teach the teacher day.

Paris Hilal, C: Class drama as a weekly subject. 

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