Castle Hill High's SMS prankster speaks

EXCLUSIVE: A man claiming to be behind yesterday’s SMS prank involving Castle Hill High School spoke exclusively to the Hills News today. For legal reasons we have withheld his name.

The News: Hi, I am a reporter for the Hills News hoping to talk to you about yesterday’s SMS prank involving Castle Hill High School.

We have received an email suggesting you may have been involved, or at the very least the Facebook group Facebeef which we understand you are a member of.

The prankster: Hey Isabell, proof is all over my [Facebook] page.

The News: Could you please confirm if you do indeed belong to Facebeef and that it was a Facebeef prank?

The prankster:  It’s Facebeef (readily available on Google).

The News: Was this your own idea?

The prankster:  No this wasn’t a co-ordinated stunt or a secret psy ops mission, I acted spontaneously on my own after realising I hadn’t planned an April Fool's prank.

The News: Could you please confirm your age and how you were able to override the school’s SMS system?

The prankster:  I’m 20-years-old and this was just a small game of silly buggers for me.

The News: Why that school?

The prankster:  I picked a few different schools that use the same SMS system my old school uses and I guessed the password. Simple as that.

I’m not a hacker, nor do I pretend to be.

If I really wanted to cause a ruckus I would release the login info to all the systems I guessed.

But April Fool’s is over, and trolling isn’t my main focus anymore.

April Fool’s is the best event of the year next to Christmas and my birthday, unfortunately it isn’t a public holiday, I think it should be. So I decided to make it a holiday for at least some people.

The News: Which other schools did you try this with? Were you successful?

The prankster:  It wouldn’t be any fun if I told you which schools now would it? Could be 100s, could be only five, I could be lying and only gotten into the one, who knows!?

The News: Have you been contacted by the police?

The prankster:  I haven’t been contacted by the police, but just to be safe I’ve started taking better care of my skin and doing my hair for any mug shots that may need taking.

The News: How do you feel about the suggestion you have invaded people’s privacy?

The prankster: Sending people a text isn’t an invasion of privacy — releasing everyone’s phone numbers would be an invasion of privacy.

I’m no evil vigilante or a big scary cyber-criminal. I’m just a guy with a sense of humor trying to brighten people’s day.

And judging by the hundreds of likes and positive messages that have been sent to me from the kids of Castle Hill High, I would say I’ve been pretty successful in that regard.

The media outside Castle Hill High yesterday. Picture: Geoff Jones

The media outside Castle Hill High yesterday. Picture: Geoff Jones

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