M7 tolls going up

A quarterly CPI-indexed toll adjustment on the Westlink M7 will take effect from April 1. The adjustment is in accordance with the project deed signed between the Westlink M7 and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the RTA) in 2003.

Westlink M7 uses a distance-based tolling system. For trips of less than 20 kilometres the toll is calculated on a cents-per-kilometre rate. For trips of more than 20 kilometres the toll is capped at 20 kilometres.

The GST-inclusive cents-per-kilometre rate will increase by 0.29 of a cent to 37.59 cents. The GST-inclusive maximum toll will be $7.52 and the minimum toll 51 cents. Tolls on Westlink M7 are adjusted quarterly in line with CPI movements.

Interchange upgrade

A $70 million upgrade is on the way for Old Wallgrove Road at Eastern Creek. Tenders have been called for the upgrade of the 1.5 kilometre length of Old Wallgrove Road, to build a new 400-metre mini link road and widen a kilometre section of Wallgrove Road at the M7 interchange. It also includes improved bus, pedestrian and cyclist facilities.

Work will involve moving utilities, installing new traffic lights, retaining walls and street lighting, improving drainage and landscaping. The project is due to start in September and will take two years to complete. It means the nearby western Sydney employment hubs will attract greater investment, business and jobs, Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies said.

This story IN BRIEF first appeared on St Marys-Mt Druitt Star.