The long and winding road to Badgerys Creek

April 1964: The state government and civil avialtion authority considered the need for a second Sydney airport.

November 1964: A report to the state government recommended a second airport at Towra Point in Botany Bay. The study recommended it should be built by 1980 when it predicted services at Mascot would be at maximum capacity.

1965: A federal government report recommended steps be taken as soon as possible to identify the site for the development of Sydney's second major airport.

1969: The federal government’s Major Airport Requirements for Sydney Study recommends Badgerys Creek as well as 10 other potential second airport sites.

September 1971: A joint federal and state government committee appointed to consider sites

December 1971: 500 people demonstrate against Somersby being considered as a site.

December 1971: Duffy's Forest ruled out as a potential site.

May 1972: Consultants engaged to produce cost/benefit analysis.

August 1972: Western Sydney MP John Armitage suggests building a seadrome.

July 1973: Environmental Impact Studies for all proposed sites published.

August 1973: Federal Cabinet rejects recommendations to expand Mascot before building a second airport.

August 1973: Galston chosen as the location of the airport.

September 1973: Protests against the airport at Galston

September 1973: Caucus approves Galston but recommends a study of Goulburn as an alternative site.

May 1974: Galston site ruled out.

June 1974: Galston protest group advocates extra runway at Mascot.

October 1975: Report rules out Goulburn site.

May 1976: State government report shows Mascot could cope until the turn of the century.

July 1976: New federal/state inquiry (Major Airport Needs of Sydney group) considers whether to build a second runway at Mascot or build the second airport. Sites considered are Holsworthy, Rossmore-Bringelly, Rouse Hill, Marsden Park and Nelson.

October 1976: International Air Transport Association says a second airport is unnecessary.

May 1977: MANS group suggests four sites: Annangrove, Richmond, Bringelly and Holsworthy.

May 1977: Bureau of Transport Economics study finds Mascot can cope until 2000.

1978: Holsworthy eliminated as a possible site.

1979: MANS group preliminary report recommends third runway and second airport at Badgery's Creek, if needed.

1980: Labor federal opposition pledges to build second airport.

April 1981: premier Neville Wran calls for a decision.

May 1981: Federal government rules out Holsworthy site.

July 1981: NSW rejects third runway

September 1983: Second Sydney Airport Site Selection Programme starts.

September 1984: Sites for second airport narrowed down. Badgerys Creek not on the short list.

May 1985: Proposed layouts for sites at Badgerys Creek and Wilton released

June 1985: Draft Environmental Impact Statement released.

December 1985: Cabinet defers its decision.

17 February 1986: Badgery's Creek announced as the site of the second airport.

November 1988: Joint federal/state report finds a third runway or second airport necessary as soon as possible.

8 November 1988: Transport Minister proposes fast tracking Badgery's Creek

March 1989: Decision to build third runway and Badgerys Creek announced

May 1990: Preliminary design work commissioned

19 September 1990: Study says second airport not viable

19 December 1990: Some work at Badgery's Creek starts

30 April 1991: Study shows no pressing need for second airport

14 November 1991: Cabinet approves third runway. 

11 December 1991: Funds committed to second airport

3 June 1992: Parliamentary Committee to examine second airport plans

26 June 1992: Construction at Badgery's Creek commences

31 August 1992: Local government wants international standard airport

16 December 1992: Parliamentary committee recommends larger airport possibly privately financed

17 December 1992: Construction of general aviation airport approved by Parliament

12 November 1993:  Fast tracking Badgery's Creek so it can receive international air freight is a focus of a conference entitled 'Badgery's Creek International Airport'.

24 January 1994: Government considers private investment to further airport development

4 May 1994: Badgery's Creek plans extended

4 November 1994: Third runway opens

5 December 1994: Parliamentary Committee finds that the second airport necessary in time for the Olympics

22 January 1995: EIS on Badgery's Creek announced

10 May 1995: Funding allocated for international standard airport

9 May 1995: Federal Budget provides $610 million f0r work on airport

10 July 1995: Qantas resists move to Badgery's Creek

21 November 1995: Funding for airport becomes unavailable.

22 January 1996: EIS on Badgery's Creek ordered

22 May 1996: Holsworthy included in EIS

17 September 1996: Badgery's Creek has cost almost $132 million form land acquisition

5 December 1996: Land near Badgery's Creek sold by the Government

12 October 1997: Airline lobby federal government to abandon Badgerys Creek and expand Mascot.

1 February 1998: Fedar and state Labor MPs for  of Labor Against Badgerys (LAB)

3 June 1998: Local councils vow to fight Badgery's Creek airport

2012: A report into Sydney’s aviation needs found Badgery’s Creek was the best site for a second airport.

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