Protest fails to save gum tree

A ONE-man protest in Lethbridge Park, which prevented a tree in Marquesa Crescent being cut down, ended last week.

On January 15, resident Daniel Taylor stood under the gum tree and asked contract workers not to lop it.

Mr Taylor said too many trees had already been removed and he was not aware of any reason being given to remove another.

But Blacktown Council recently reiterated its decision to demolish the tree, citing complaints from residents.

"The tree is leaning over the road and lifting the pathway," a spokeswoman for the council said.

"Children are forced to ride on the road to go around the area."

Marquesa Crescent resident Ian Sparkes said he had already made that point to the council.

"The council has put asphalt where the footpath has lifted, but it's still dangerous," Mr Sparkes said.

"There are young kids in the street who might trip over it.

"People also can't park opposite because the tree comes out on to the road, forcing drivers to the other side of the street."

The council spokeswoman said the path would be replaced after the tree was removed.

"Removing a tree is always the last option," she said. "Public safety is paramount."

Mr Taylor said Blacktown Council had explained its decision to him.

"The council said it would also implement a replanting program, but this is taking down a decades-old tree and putting in a sapling," he said.

"We are losing a lot of trees.

"I think the council should be explaining what it's trying to do to preserve trees."

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