Develop structure to support your goals

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Success Book

It's a new year and it's time to turn resolutions into reality. But where to start?

Simplify Structure Succeed, the latest book from life strategist Shannah Kennedy, provides some practical tips for getting organised and setting new goals.

Ms Kennedy, who has worked with many successful Australian CEOs, business owners, elite athletes, millionaires and celebrities, says the answer is simple when it comes to getting things done.

"We are all over-stimulated with epic to-do lists, competing priorities and crowded social calendars," she said.

"As much as we want to achieve our goals and flourish, sometimes we will fall off that path.

"To achieve your goals, every aspect of your life needs to be planned for: work, exercise, nutrition, money, fun and time out and every element and activity in your life needs to be supported.

"When you have the right structure in place, you have the space to achieve your ambitions and the freedom to be spontaneous and to grab new opportunities."

Here are some of her helpful tips.

■ Identify your "drainers": Once you overcome the tasks and relationships dragging you down, you create clarity to set purposeful goals that match your vision.

■Purchase a diary: A week-to-a-page diary is ideal as it will allow you to check in with your weekly tasks at a glance and assess how busy you are.

■ Monthly planner: Allocate 10 minutes a week to update your monthly planner and transfer tasks into your diary. For a sense of accomplishment, tick off things you have achieved.

■ The monthly review list: Review your list of drainers and allocate time in your diary to maintain your personal environment, finances, relationships and wellbeing.

■ Yearly planner: It may seem daunting, but you will be surprised how quickly and easily it can be filled. Start with inputting the fun stuff: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. Then add your goals.

■ "Eat the frog": Tackle something from the too hard basket first thing in the morning. If your new year's resolution is to lose weight or improve your fitness, try to hit the gym first thing.

■ Phone reminders to cover the basics: Program your phone to talk to you at certain times of the day and remind you of what is important, for example: drink water, stretch, take a breath, eat trim etc.

■ Daily critical to-do list: Write down your critical to-do list with seven things on it only!

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