Dreams of Oscar come a step closer

Picture of Scott Mannion
Picture of Scott Mannion

BAULKHAM Hills filmmaker and writer Scott Mannion will premiere his short film Anima to international audiences at the 35th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, in France.

Anima is a 13-minute sci-fi based film which follows the journey of a rogue scientist as he struggles to preserve his terminally ill wife inside a virtual world of his own making.

Mr Mannion said the idea for Anima developed from noticing society’s unhealthy obsession with and addiction to technology.

‘‘You know how we went through the Industrial Revolution, well I think we are now going through a technological revolution,’’ Mr Mannion said.

‘‘Anima is based on my thoughts of where we are headed in the future.

‘‘It’s based on the idea that we could one day be trapped in a virtual world.

‘‘For some, this virtual world could be more appealing than reality and we could run the risk of forgetting about [the health] our own bodies and lives to stay in this virtual world.’’

Mr Mannion beat a record-breaking group of more than 7500 people worldwide who registered films to screen at the nine-day international festival which starts on February 1.

At the festival, he will have the opportunity to meet studio executives and other film makers.

‘‘I’m looking to pitch three features when we go to France,’’ Mr Mannion said.

‘‘I will have the chance to mingle with studio executives, meet new writers and producers.

‘‘It will also broaden the film’s audience.’’

From showcasing the film at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Mr Mannion hopes Anima will be selected for the Oscars short film list.

‘‘The aim of this film is to make it on to the Oscars short list which means we will have Academy members looking at the film,’’ he said.

‘‘The short list also means you will attend the Oscars and if your short film is chosen you could win an Oscar.’’

Anima has also been selected to show at the 22nd Flickerfest Short Film Festival in Bondi, from January 11 to 20.

You can view the film’s trailer at animafilm.com.au.