Fearless racer wins club title after crash at high speed

William Seal in action go-karting
William Seal in action go-karting

RISING go-kart racer William Seal was in a crash that landed him in hospital last year — but that hasn't prevented him from going on to win his club's championship tournament.

William, 8, won the Combined District Kart Club championship in his division despite being younger than most of the other competitors who are aged 7-11.

The victory comes a mere 12 months after William was in an accident in which his kart rolled over at about 90km/h.

Although William's dad Michael feared that the crash would end his son's sporting career, the pair were quickly back on the track.

"At the time it was all so fast that it wasn't until an hour later that he realised what had happened.

"After he had rolled over we were back at the track a week later," Mr Seal said.

Penrith resident William is devoted to the sport and says he loves "the speed that you can get up to and the racing and winning".

He first got in a go-kart on an overseas trip when he was five and now races three weekends a month.

Once he has conquered the world of go-kart racing, William hopes to move on to car racing.

"He wants to go and race in V8 Supercars and he also wants to go to Formula 1," Mr Seal said.

"But at the moment he's got a pretty big drive to succeed in karting and we've got a lot of karting races he needs to win."

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