Former Hills police officer Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson killed

A mother and son have been charged with the murder of former Hills Police Detective Inspector, Bryson Anderson, who died after an alleged knife attack in Oakville yesterday. 

Police were called to a property on Scheyville Road just after 2pm when neighbours complained about arrows being fired into their yard from a cross-bow.

Detective Inspector Anderson, 45, died after he was attacked while investigating.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said police believe a knife was used to kill Detective Inspector Anderson and not an axe which was originally reported.

‘‘This has been an ongoing neighbourhood dispute between two families and it's been brewing now for some period,’’ Commissioner Scipione said.

‘‘It came to an end yesterday and, as we know, it led to the death of this officer.’’

Commissioner Scipione described Detective Inspector Anderson as ‘‘the sort of man that no-one can afford to lose from a modern police agency’’. 

‘‘His loss is one that we will feel for many, many years to come,’’ he said.Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott offered his condolences for the Anderson family saying his bravery and dedication to the job were well documented.

‘‘Detective Inspector Anderson’s loss will have resounding effect on the lives of many Hills residents,’’ Mr Elliott said.

‘‘We have not only lost a father and husband but also a great warrior for justice. 

‘‘The circumstances of his death remind us all that Police are not simply public servants in uniform but modern day heroes.’’Police will allege Detective Inspector Anderson became separated from his his fellow officers on the boundary of the semi-rural property when the attack happened.

It’s alleged 11 police officers were forced to take refuge behind a cordon as they fought off abuse, arrows, angry dogs and other weapons while trying to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution.

Detective Inspector Anderson is the 14th officer to be killed on duty since 1980.

Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson.

Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson.

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