Waiting time targets are being met at Nepean Hospital

WHEN Kay Hyman first took up the role of CEO of Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District 18 months ago, there were hundreds of patients waiting longer than the clinically acceptable time for elective surgery while targets in the emergency room weren't being met.

By June this year, four hospitals in the district — Nepean, Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Hawkesbury — were operating on patients within the prescribed three categories of either 30, 90 or 365 days.

"The first thing we did was make sure all those patients had their surgery within the appropriate time so nobody was waiting longer," Ms Hyman said.

"We've basically maintained that since through balancing all resources and lots of goodwill from staff.

"What we want to do now is reduce the average time that people wait. For example, in the 90-day category, if people are waiting on average say 70 days, what we would like to be able to do is reduce that to 60 or 50."

Since Ms Hyman's appointment, the district has also improved its triage response time in emergency rooms. "We are meeting the agreed targets," Ms Hyman said.

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